IPX – Intelligent Performance Index


The Intelligent Performance Index (IPX), a groundbreaking development by IFDAQ, stands as the first smart cognitive index revolutionizing real-time market research with its quantitative and precise key values.

This multiple-awarded proprietary technology transforms the landscape of market analysis by replacing slow, expensive, and subjective manual studies with real-time, fine-grained insights. The IPX index, a beacon of expressive decision-making, is capable of generating indices within seconds, offering actionable insights with unparalleled accuracy.

Harnessing the power of IFDAQ’s vast data ecosystem, the IPX employs deep-learning algorithms to dynamically adapt to actual market dynamics. This influences the index’s weighting and the market importance of all crucial factors.

The technology’s unique flexibility not only allows for the rapid creation of new index series for various use cases but also ensures that each index is equipped with essential metrics for easy interpretation and analysis.

As a result, IPX indices provide granular, quantitative time series that far surpass traditional market research methods in terms of real-time updates and objectivity.

Crucially, the IFDAQ IPX indices emerge as vital tools in assessing both the brand’s extrinsic value—covering aspects like segment and competitive performance—and the overarching key developments and market dynamics in the industry.

By offering a new level of accuracy in performance values, the IPX stands as a paradigm shift in market intelligence, seamlessly blending smart technology with cognitive AI to offer unprecedented insights.









The Next-Gen Real-Time Index: IPX 2.0

Next-Generation Market Forecasting: The IFDAQ and Intel Collaborate to Optimize IPX 2.0 Technology.

In an important leap forward, IFDAQ and Intel have collaborated to introduce an optimized version of the next evolution of market analytics – the IPX 2.0, an upgraded version of IFDAQ’s acclaimed IPX index technology.

This new technology marks a significant advancement in the realm of market intelligence, blending IFDAQ’s proprietary IPX indices with Intel’s prowess in Generative AI and software optimization, courtesy of their advanced OneAPI unified programming model, which was used to optimize the model on 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor.

The current IPX technology, lauded for its dynamic, real-time analysis of market conditions using a range of cognitive AI indices, has set a high benchmark in the industry.

The IPX 2.0 is poised to surpass this, as it incorporates state-of-the-art Generative AI, including sophisticated Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

This integration is designed to refine the predictive capabilities of the IFDAQ indices, focusing primarily on daily updated indices like IFDAQ brands and anticipating stock price movements with greater accuracy.

The addition of GANs enhances the index by generating synthetic data points, allowing for richer, more diverse datasets that lead to improved model robustness. Moreover, GANs contribute to the simulation of future market scenarios, offering a deeper, more nuanced understanding of potential outcomes and thereby aiding in the decision-making process.

Generative AI Blends IFDAQ AI Ecosystem

A cornerstone of this collaboration is the development of a predictive index for publicly quoted companies, merging historical trading data, financial traits with IFDAQ’s brand performance and consumer attraction data.

This endeavor aims to create a robust, AI-powered tool that can provide hedge funds and financial investors with an unparalleled level of market foresight.

The application of Generative AI in this context ensures that the index is not only dynamic and adaptive but also capable of real-time anomaly detection and updates, maintaining high validity and accuracy.

The IPX 2.0 promises to be a game-changer in the field of competitive and market intelligence. It is not just an upgrade but a transformation, offering a more granular, quantitatively precise, and easily interpretable series of indices.

The IPX technology stands at the forefront of market research innovation, set to challenge traditional methodologies with its real-time, AI-driven insights.

The financial sector eagerly anticipates the release of this pioneering technology in Q1/2024, signaling a new era in market analytics and predictive intelligence.